4 Ways You May Land on the Deportation List

27 July 2017
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If you are an immigrant, one of the last people you want to see on the porch of your home is Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. The staff of this agency is responsible for enforcing laws governing border control, trade, and immigration. When they arrive, they are normally there to escort someone who have appeared on their list to their headquarters to ask questions about their current immigration status. Unfortunately, there are ways you can land on the deportation list. Here are a few of these.

Illegally Entering the Country

One of the main ways people end up on ICE's list is entering the country illegally. This not only is this illegal, but if you are caught you often will not have any grounds to keep from being deported. In addition to entering the country anywhere outside of an outside legal entry point, you can also be guilty of illegal entry if you falsify information on your application about the reasons you have come to the country.

Failing to Past Your Background Check

Even if you have entered the country legally, and are in the process of applying for your visa, citizenship, or permanent resident status, you will have to undergo a background check. If anything turns up in your background that may indicate you may not be an ideal candidate could result in your deportation. This usually includes:

  • Serious or significant criminal activity in a country you have previously lived in
  • Falsification of any information pertaining to crimes in your past
  • Falsification of any documentation included with your application and more

Engaging in Criminal Activities in This Country

If you are found guilty of a serious crime before you are granted citizenship, you can be deported. These crimes can vary from state to state based on their laws, but a few of these include:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Sexual abuse
  • Breaking and entering
  • Burglary
  • Prostitution
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Various drug charges and more

The list of crimes that can result in automatic deportation are usually referred to as aggravated felonies. In addition to being deported from the country, you may find yourself permanently barred from entering again.

If you find yourself on ICE's deportation list, you need to quickly find an immigration attorney. Agencies like Tesoroni & Leroy can review your case and help you to decide the best option for you. Even if you end up leaving, your attorney will be able to help you to decide if it would be in your best interest to ask for a voluntary departure, which would keep a deportation off of your record.